I'm hoping to get to San Diego for CSUNAT17 this year, which is sort of like CES, but focused on Assistive Technologies.  I'm always inspired by the amazing innovations burbling out of the compassionate and creative minds that gather there, like voice-controlled joysticks and new methodologies for co-creating digital experiences. Also, it's full of laughs.  

This article is about CSUNAT16, but it's my attempt to plug the 2017 conference to anyone in our field who is involved in public programming/visitor engagement.  You should go.  Will I bump into you (no pun intended) @SinaBahram or @artaccessannie ?  Or any of you, my friends from Bay Area Arts Access Collective, Treehouse Video or @lighthouse_sf ?  For the rest of you, take a note from this article - every Museum, historic site, arts organization, cultural institution, point of interest, or service organization should review their website for readability by a screen-reader, and caption every piece of audio and video content. 

We are deep in conversation here at Antenna about how to optimize ours.  It's good business, it's good service, and frankly, it's just the right thing to do.   

More info. on #CSUNATC17 here: http://www.csun.edu/cod/conference/2017/sessions/index.php/public/website_pages/view/5#schedule.  

(And a big shout out of thanks to you, Mark Berlin @ussmidwaymuseum for introducing me to CSUN in the first place!)