Museums are rapidly making their content available for their visitor’s personal phones. Embracing BYOD means a lower threshold for museum audience to use your content, whether it is audio or multi media. But it also means that the building needs to offer perfect Wi-Fi and that the app must be available for and look good on the most popular versions of those mobile platforms out there.

Supporting the mobile device of a visitor doesn’t come cheap, but the benefits make it worthwhile. The museum can reach out to visitors before and after the visit; visitors can be encouraged to use their own social media channels far more effectively; and an app can make use of the visitors’ smartphone hardware like a camera and GPS.

Based on years of experience with BYOD we now know the personal devices used by museum visitors well. Or do we? Enter mixed reality devices and brace yourself!

In a recent interview with GeekWire, tech evangelist Robert Scoble predicts that mixed reality devices will largely supplant smartphones.

Scoble has been a vocal advocate for virtual and mixed reality, making the case and explaining the implications of these emerging technologies in the new book he co-authored with Shel Israel, “The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything.”

Interested in what devices your visitors may bring next? Listen to the GeekWire podcast ‘Why mixed reality is going to blow your mind’. Scoble says that the future is closer than we think.