What is interesting about technology is how it claims to make our lives easier. We even say it makes our lives easier. However, who wouldn't deny that we're all busier and with less time on our hands today than ever before in our lives? And stop for a second to think about how many different platforms, channels, apps, pieces of tech, devices and 'third spaces' you now juggle. When you take a step back are you seeing a life becoming easier, or are you seeing the slow fade into obscurity of the age old adage, less is more?

Snapchat's design, from the start has been ...well...different. In the article below Owen Williams refers to its design 'anti-patterns'. Part of its identity perhaps? The real proof was in the proverbial pudding - extremely rapid growth followed by near worldwide popularity. However, as Williams also points out in his article, it is in decline, and very recently. He puts it quite simply, Instagram now offers the same thing as Snapchat stories, essentially offering two things in one app: stories, and photos. People are already doing both things. The point here is, they can stay in one place and do it. Now look at all your platforms again...breathe...ask yourself what's better: more choice, more options and less time? Or less complication more clarity. Putting it simply: you don't want to waste time, and you'd rather do more at once than do less, separately. Whether that's with technology, people, or with whatever you spend your day doing.

Proving that less is in fact, more.