Despite a slightly irrational fear of robots which probably came from watching Terminator when I was still a bit too young, I'm always fascinated to read about developments in the field of robotics, especially when they intersect with the cultural space. Here, robots are being trialled as a kind of long-distance, controllable tour guide. 

As one of the interviewees in this article notes, there's no substitute for the emotional response a visitor gets from actually standing before a piece of art, culture, or heritage. However, not everyone is able to reach cultural institutions to enjoy this personal reaction - be it through financial, logistical, or personal constrictions. 

As a means of opening up culture to more and more people, I think this approach has promise. One thing I was surprised not to see mentioned was the potential for a team up with VR technology, since advances in this field are moving at an impressive pace. 

So, in the near future, is it so hard to imagine navigating a robot through a physical landscape while enjoying a real time, VR rendering of that space hundreds of miles away? Probably not.