Experiential exhibits have been extremely popular as of late - Kusama's Infinity Mirrors, The Field Museum's Tattoo Exhibition (you could actually be tattooed!), and last spring's recreation of a "Van Gogh bedroom" via AirBnB & AIC are just a few that immediately come to mind. The latest and greatest opened last week at the Guggenheim in NYC and again visitors lined up awaiting the time printed on their ticket to experience the "Synthetic Desert," created by artist Doug Wheeler.

In my post last week, I commented on the successful strategy of engaging audiences with a participatory piece of theater in a museum. This same strategy comes to fruition through the selection and exhibition of particular art pieces that in themselves beg the participation of the audience. In PSAD Synthetic Desert III, New Yorkers can escape the "City that Never Sleeps" for 10 minutes - to enjoy complete and utter silence. Or at least, between 10-15 decibels of "silence". 

Today's audiences require participatory experiences at museums. It is quite literally how museums can successfully compete with other leisure activities. When was the last time you saw a huge line outside of a museum? What were people waiting in line for, an average weekend trip? Or a limited time experience?