Very curious to see what comes out of this announcement -- MIT is offering a $250,000 "Disobedience Reward" for someone breaking some serious rules to upend the status quo.  I particularly like that they call it a "reward" instead of the more sedate "award."  Makes it seem like a badass bounty being offered for outlaw thinkers. Kudos to MIT Media Lab, one of the best incubators in the US,  putting their $$ where their mouth is.     

So all you digital disruptors, what are the big rules you are breaking?  Who out there is practicing "principled disobedience" to bring about true social change?  

And a fun piece of trivia - our precursor, Antenna Theater, was invited to be an artist-in-residence at MIT Media Lab in 1988.  We developed a show called "Radio Interference," an ahead-of-its-time immersive carnival exploring how technology was changing our reality. We used infrared headset receivers, immersive audio soundscapes, interactive radio and television broadcasts, and thirteen simultaneous audience-driven theater events.  Sort of the original 'media circus' (!).