I'm a sucker for a quirky museum - I've written about a few in my past posts; institutions dedicated to everything from tiny dogs to tangibles memories of lost loves. Here though, is perhaps the strangest yet: failures. 

The article comes at the concept from a business-focused angle, but it covers the facts of the matter well. Samuel West has set up a museum dedicated to failures across the board, including a less than appealing-sounding beef lasagne, courtesy of Colgate. 

To my mind, this raises a key question. Gimmicks aside, how much of an audience is there, or should there be, for 'failures' in our world? 

'Learn from your mistakes' is an ever-popular maxim, so why not actively remember them, too? Especially in the subjective spheres of art and culture, this approach could open up a range of new dialogues, and even help shape how we connect people to culture of all forms.