There's a handful of cities globally that do a city-wide "Open House" once a year (I'd argue Chicago's is the best... can I help but be biased?) and NYC has put a social-action-packed spin on this tradition. Instead of opening the citiy's doors to the public for just one weekend, all throughout 2017 Open House New York has put together a series of tours engaging the public with garbage, in hopes to draw more attention and action to the city-wide objective of generating less trash by 2030. 

One man, Nelson Molina, really, really loves trash - describing himself as a lifelong picker, during his years serving in the NY sanitation department, he collected refuse from his particular route. His "Treasures of the Trash Museum" is partaking in this Getting to Zero: New York + Waste program through OHNY.

I desperately want to see this museum! As you can see from pictures in the link above, the trash has been curated very well for being, uh, garbage - some tongue in cheek facades of trash, some playful surprises, and some "exhibits" that really make you think - check out the toy tank hovering above the actual war artifacts... 

I think it's great that this spin on the "Open House" is focusing on calling members of the city to action. After all, is that not the reason we all do what we do? To reflect, educate, and promote a better future? Kudos to Mr. Molina and OHNY, be sure to let me know if your museum ever becomes regularly open to the public!