Last year I had the privilege of working with philosopher & cognitive scientist Alva Noë to develop an immersive audiowalk through SFMOMA.  Our mission, set out by Stephanie Pau, Senior Content Producer @ SFMOMA, was to create a walk through the Museum, grappling with its most "difficult" artworks, and examining what happens to our brains, eyes, imaginations, and most-importantly, self-knowledge, if we allow ourselves to "not get it"?  I acted as Alva's ghostwriter/audio coach/director/producer, ingesting his book Strange Tools, walking through galleries with him, discussing our individual responses to the works as we went, and then turned that into a 30 minute journey for others.  

Alva Noë is a frequent commentator for NPR, and just posted this column posing further questions about visitor engagement and perception.   If you haven't read his book Strange Tools (or taken his audiowalk @ SFMOMA), you should!  Lots of provocative ideas to think about.