The world is wide a weird, and let's celebrate that! Afterall, "weird" is just the perception of one who is unfamiliar with the subject at hand. One day a year, Atlas Obscura promotes all the unique and undiscovered wonders of the world with #ObscuraDay, this year on May 6th. 

If you have an interest in the macabre, the sexual, kitsch, scandals, the forgotten, or the downright random - these listed sites are your kind of place. Almost every state in the US has at least one institution of randomness participating with special tours or events, and all are definitely worth checking out for curiosities' sake. And as an added bonus, you are supporting small and local cultural institutions monetarily, and can raise awareness of their awesome existance by using the day's hashtag (#ObscuraDay).

So get out there friends and embrace the obscure. Afterall- without supporters from the public, these small gems wouldn't be able to keep reminding us how fantastically weird our world is.