It isn't easy to have an honest, candid, and public conversation about the finer points of keeping yourself sane while navigating institutional culture in the Museum world.  

MCN, a professional organization of creative people, isn't afraid to do just that.  MCN's overarching mission is to advance digital transformation in museums.  Sparking those kinds of conversations - what drives us crazy, what actually works - is a key part of the process.   

My favorite version?  "Career Chutes and Ladders," a collaboration of truthsayers Rachel Ropeik of the Guggenheim and independent consultant Charlotte Sexton.  They have just created a hilarious and insightful version of the boardgame that articulates the ups and downs, joys and frustrations, triumphs and uncomfortable truths of grappling with ever-changing technologies, visitor expectations, budgets, collaborative (or not) colleagues, and all the other circuitous, fortuitous and dastardly unforeseen circumstances of project/career/life management in the Museum world.  Proving once again that creative technologists can figure out how to make an engaging, interactive experience out of ANYTHING.  

My Own Particular Private Idaho is the slide between spaces 53 and 39.

Bravo @TheArtRopeik and @cb_sexton!