Today I attended a workshop organised by Clic France at Foundation Louis Vuitton, the institution which attracted 1,2 million visitors for their last temporary show with the Chtchoukine collection. Here's a couple of highlights:

The Lucky Vibes app

During this workshop, FLV introduced their new mobile apps, including several prototypes. One of the targeted audiences is teenagers, and there is one project already online : Lucky Vibes 

"Lucky Vibes is the game that challenges you to play songs by surfing sound waves – in the sky", said one of the presenters.

Connecting teenagers to contemporary art

Digital is naturally used by/made for the 15-30 age group. Using Mobile Games and Snapchat in museums is relevant even if the question is still how to connect them to culture and artworks.  

But several years after Studio13/16 at Centre Pompidou, it's very nice to see that another contemporary art institution is targeting this specific audience.