I think we can all agree: the daily commute is no fun. Delayed trains, crowded platforms, and the inevitable invasion of your personal space by someone with questionable hygiene habits. 

However, 2 stations on Rome's new Metro line - one of which was unveiled last week - look set to change all that by positioning themselves as part-museum. During the excavation work for the new San Giovanni station, engineers had to dig so deep into the city's foundations that they had a unique opportunity to uncover treasures from every layer of its past. 

The few pictures I've seen of the station look stunning. As if I needed any more reason to be jealous of those living and working among Rome's rich history and culture, now even their commute offers up the chance to dive into a myriad of historical and archeological eras. The deeper into the station they go, they further back in time they go. 

It's intuitive, it's inventive, and it's innovative. We often question how best to widen public interaction with our treasured collections, and this is as good a solution as any I've seen for a while.