Disclaimer I live by the sea. Well in fact we all do, that's the point. We're an island of seafarers and day trippers.

Pretty much everyone loves the beach and the seaside, the calming roll of the waves, the breeze in your face, the open expanse of horizon where land meets sea. It's a place to ponder on the meaning of life, existence, and walk the ancient coast, or, you know, build a sandcastle and eat ice-cream.

The Maritime Memories Machine isn't serving ice cream but capturing stories in the great oral history tradition, and giving everyone a chance to be a part, however big or small, of the 'Story of the Sea'. 

It's a fantastic example of an outreach project and I'd love to see more of this approach, capturing the history of the everyday; the 'everyman experience' .

A sonic time capsule for future generations and for current generations to be reminded how even in very subtle ways our lives are still shaped by the sea and the geography in which we live.

So why not pop along if the van stops near you and add your own (fishy) tale.