I recently came across an absolutely fascinating article on the use of chatbots in museums. Which I admit lead me into a Goolge wormhole that lead me deeper and deeper into this intriguing new world. 

But what does it mean for museums?

How about your own personally curated tour, with your choice of narrator/character. How about interactive conversations with exhibits. How about games and challenges set by pieces from the collection that talk to you directly and individually. How about a simple and quick to deal with everyday visitor questions regarding opening times and facilities, and all of this on a device, inside an app your visitors are already familiar with.

It's a world filled with potential and it's undoubtedly here to stay.

And the next steps, well imagine all of that with a "voice first" interface, you could literally be "chatting" Watercolours to a virtual Monet or questioning Gaudi about architecture.

However it evolves, it's definitely a conversation starter..