One hundred years after his death, Paris is celebrating Auguste Rodin with 2 very different exhibitions : the musée Rodin giving carte blanche to Anselm Kiefer and the Grand Palais hosting the Centenary Exhibition, a wide-ranging retrospective of the celebrated sculptor’s work.

France is commemorating its famous sculptor but many of this year’s centenary exhibitions are taking place in the U.S. as displayed in the dedicated website.  

4 things most people don’t know about Rodin :

  • He failed the entrance exam for the École des Beaux-Arts THREE times
  • Early in his career, Rodin had success building decorative architectural elements in Belgium
  • He had a great friend called Claude Monet
  • MORE THAN 250 groups and figures, including some of his most renowned compositions have been created for The Gates of Hell, his unfinished and monumental masterpiece