I love it when the sometimes perceived snobbery of the art world dissipates in a passionate embrace of the masses. We've spoken about classical art works moving into popular culture before, but this one particularly enthuses me because it requires some serious study of the unique characteristics of each artists, and ... a sense of humour!

Take a look at some of these incredibly imaginative and innovative Halloween costume ideas caught around the web recently, and revel in the pseudo-cultural vibe!

The pop-art one has been done before, but some of these, like the Picasso, and Van Gogh, are really creative. René Magritte’s Son of Man particularly floats my boat - oh the joy of walking around with an apple hanging in front of my face!

I am excited about the day when all fancy dress parties contain a percentage of 'high art' costumes as tributes to the great masters - but it will probably not be so enthralling when my future teenage kids excuse their extended nocturnal sojourns with stories about how they were hearing all about the hidden angst in Dali's earlier works....