Sound is all around. Or at least it is becomingly increasingly so.

Google recently entered the fray of "3D" sound with the release of its Resonance SDK.

We're currently working hard on our own implementation for cultural sites with our Binci Partners and as you'd imagine the advertising and games industry are already experimenting with these new powerful tools.

So what's so powerful about sound? Especially this deeper than ever possible level of immersive sound.

As this article so succinctly puts it, "If you ask a person to imagine a beautiful landscape or epic car chase, they never dislike the image they see in their head. We like the sound of things better than we like the look of things." 

Sound leaves space for the imagination.

Sound enables you to imagine being there, to engross yourself in a virtual world, whilst being present in your current surroundings. Sound is arguably, the first level of augmented reality.