Recently, we delved into the controversial topic of museums that perhaps shouldn't be museums. My fellow blogger Mary Kostell believes that the 'Museum of Ice Cream' recently opened in San Francisco last month should be one of those struck off the list.

Now I myself am faced with the challenge of Candytopia - a Candy-themed celebration of all things sweet, opening in L.A. next month.

Thankfully, Candytopia bills itself as an interactive installation - and that's what immediately swings it for me. The fact that this is unashamedly an 'experience' led attraction, with a focus on the 'wow' and the 'pop' factor of immersive experiences, already makes me a big fan.

Because I think travelling and pop-up experiences should always be about the inertia of cultural commentary first - high art second. And always in the context of something which appeals to the masses in some kind of unique, niche way. Granted, candy and sweets are not ever going to be 'niche', but Candytopia's proposition is so deliciously simple that it positions itself to appeal to the simple human desire in all of us to be entertained as we learn.

And if we can eat at the same time, well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!