Watching this fantastic video montage of Mona Lisa selfies and snaps made me ponder the reason why, so many of us basically take the same photo

Probably in many cases even an inferior one.

Is it the sense of ownership, the proof of belonging, the saying look at me I was there, I did this. Or is it really just pure ego? 

Perhaps in the case of the "selfie" it really is, it's all about you!

But what if in this connected world there was another way, you could instantly search for a better image.

That's the idea behind this novel app:

Whose tagline proclaims:

"With 657 billion digital images per year being captured and pushed to the web, it is likely that at some point in your life you've taken a photo that already exists - There's no need to control ISO, exposure or shutter speed because someone already did it."

Certainly an idea to ponder next time you can't get a shot through the crowds!