So many museums struggle with the great 'millennial/gen-z' question: how do we engage them? What do they want? How can we get them to come to our institution? 

Well maybe try to take a tip from these incredibly talented teens, who have created a pop-up museum solely dedicated to teen-struggles. It is a museum created by teens, for teens. Installations that reflect themes and issues with which this demographic grapples. Often I hear professionals talking about how to get these audiences engaged with what they (the museum) wants; instead it might be of more value to meet them where they are, and provide programming and exhibitions that resonate with where teens are in their lives. Tell stories that can connect your collection and mission, with what is truly relevant in teen's minds. I suppose this is easier said than done, but involving teen boards as I have seen work wonders at a few institutions could be a great start. 

Compared to a couple of other pop-up 'museums' I have seen, this one seems to truly capture the extremely meaningful role arts and cultural education can have. I look forward to reading reviews and seeing pictures once this is opened to the public - and wish this talented group lots of luck!