Here's something that was first brought to my attention by my other half who spotted it in the newspaper and (quite rightly) thought it was the sort of thing I'd love -  a ghost story, told via smartphone, that incorporates details about your surroundings and environment into the narrative.

I've had a go with it and I enjoyed it - if I were to be picky, the location awareness aspect could be pushed further still, and the story could do with making use of the camera more than just at the very start of the experience, but as just that - an experience - it's really good fun. 

What's more, I can see it lending itself really well to cultural institutions. At its heart, this is an engaging new way of telling stories, which is the foundation of every guide I work on. I can already see it: personalised stories which base themselves around particular institutions' collections or locations. 

And if I can throw some ghosts in here and there, all the better...