Here's something I think we're going to be seeing more and more of as time goes on; inevitably, some of it brilliant, some of it less so. 

It's hard to gauge how effective this particular example will be without a hands-on test, but the principle is exciting. The Nature Conservation of Egypt is launching a new VR experience which will explore the geology, biodiversity, and  ecosystems of the Wadi Degla area. 

What I like in particular is that the VR experience won't be site-specific. Although it will be available at the National Park's educational centre, it will also be distributed online and on social media platforms, meaning that it will hopefully reach a much broader range of users. 

Of course, as with all pilot projects, there are limitations - you presumably need a compatible VR headset to enjoy the experience, and it's only on offer in Egypt at the moment - but if executed well, the idea itself, of opening up otherwise inaccessible opportunities to a wider audience, is one I can get behind.